2 days ago

Four killed in gas explosion at Iranian guesthouse

BEIRUT (Reuters) - An explosion at a guesthouse near the Fatima Masumeh shrine in the Iranian city of Qom on Thursday left four dead and 15 wounded, most of them Iraqi pilgrims, according to the semi-official Mehr news agency.

The explosio

2 months ago

Upton Sinclair: The Jungle: Chapter 6

Jurgis and Ona were very much in love; they had waited a long time-- it was now well into the second year, and Jurgis judged everything by the criterion of its helping or hindering their union. All his thoughts were the read more...

2 months ago

Denver Hospitality Group Launches First 'Bud and Breakfast'

Travelers heading to Denver with a desire to "wake and bake" will have a new lodging to consider this May, when a local hospitality group launches the latest in a handful of marijuana-friendly accommodations in the area.

The MaryJane Group

2 months ago

Funeral Plans in South Africa

Funeral plans are affordable way to cover the costs of a dignified burial, and provide peace of mind for your loved ones during times of grief.

Just like many other types of insurance, funeral insurance exists to protect people against unma read more...

2 months ago

Upington Accommodation


A lovely surprise!

It is years since I was last in Upington, and I was very pl read more...

3 months ago

Things to Keep in Mind While on Thailand Luxury Golf Tours

Keeping the rich Thai culture and tradition intact, the Thai people have been for years doing their best in the process. However, being a visitor to another country that is unknown to you needs to follow some of the etiquettes to preserve their tr read more...

3 months ago

In largest-ever U.S. city bankruptcy, cuts coming for Detroit creditors, retirees

DETROIT A federal judge on Tuesday formally declared Detroit bankrupt, a landmark ruling that clears the way for potentially sweeping cuts to city worker pensions and retirement benefits and for steep and possibly precedent-setting losses to the c read more...